Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chilean sea bass w/ Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce: Ocean Prime Beverly Hills 7/14/16

Wonder-Munch Demonstration dish 7/14/16

As stated in prior posts this blog is created with the intent of featuring our associated vendors featured Menu items (Appetizers, entrĂ©es, drink special, etc…).

The general idea is for this blog is to be updated on a weekly basis consecutively & throughout the calendar year with each week featuring a different associated vendor.

To demonstrate this concept, the management at Ocean Prime Beverly Hills is gracious enough to let us use several of their menu items & we thank them for believing in our business model.

This week’s item:
 Chilean sea bass w/ Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce

The food looks appealing here but at this point our goal with this is to show that we fully intend on making our associated vendors shine!

Without being too specific for layout & so as to give our associated vendors flexibility, the associated vendor would provide photos & information content that can be anything the vendor submits such as:

  • dish specifics
  • seasonal specials
  • drink specials 
  • food specials 
  • restaurant logos 
  • etc…

Wonder-Munch will post the associated vendors requested information on The Tasty Waves Blog for at least one week & until it is another associated vendors turn in the rotation.

The benefits of this blog to our associated vendor can be most benificial with Wonder-Munch & our associated vendor’s common vision of success in the marketplace!   

In closing, this demonstration is intended to be very simple so that Wonder-Munch can show vendors the Wonder-Munch recipe for success as well as show vendors this concept without all of the "bells & whistles"

If you would like more information on how Wonder-Munch operates please feel free to contact us (, 954-580-6900) or check out our past posts as they were created with the intent of breaking down the 4th wall of this business model.

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Thank you for your time, we hope that you share our vision
 look forward to featuring your business on :