Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gran Forno Pronto; Simply practical, always tasty & is a sure crowed pleaser!!

Gran Forno Pronto; Simply practical, always tasty & is a sure crowed pleaser on Wonder-Munch!; The Fun-For-ALL Food & History Tour-Experience of Fort Lauderdale!  

Are you an Italian food enthusiast or maybe just looking for great food?
   If your answer is yes; you are looking for Gran Forno Pronto with out question!
Below are a few thoughts that one may have when deciding to visit this great little establishment which just happens to be the first stop the unique food & history tour known as Wonder-Munch!

Gran Forno Pronto; relaxing environment; of course!

Whether you are looking for a top class for a restaurant to relax with your family or hang out for a cool breeze in the evening, Gran Forno Pronto is a place that you should consider visiting on Las Olas either with Wonder-Munch or on your own little journey of the Venice of America; Fort Lauderdale.
Gran Forno Pronto: staying power; obviously!
Since 2002, they have been attending to customer taste satisfaction in a variety of ways!
Gran Forno Pronto: The bakery; the sweet spot!

Whether it is their delicious Italian bread such as ciabatta (which is so good that other restaurants have Gran Forno's bakery deliver it on a daily basis for use in the other restaurants respective establishments) or the pastries, which at the sister bakery (1235 East Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale) are made daily with the goal of giving you one heck of a tasty sweet experience that will having you wanting to come back again & again; you can be sure Gran Forno Pronto can easily address any of your dining desires!
Gran Forno Pronto: yummy sandwiches; open wide!

When you are craving for a sandwich, this is the place to find it. They have scrumptious panini sandwiches that are made fresh every morning by their expert chefs. The sandwiches come in different tastes like the Chicken pesto, Prosciutto Di Parma, Mortadella, Caprese & even Grilled baby egg plant. If you are a natural food lover, you can grab and savor the taste & Gran Forno Pronto even has wood baked sandwiches that complete the European dream in your meals; they come as meatballs & sausages with an aromatic touch of pepper.

Gran Forno Pronto: Wine & dine; really!
Gran Forno Pronto wines are hand-picked by expert wine connoisseurs to be sure you are being served the best of Europe, America as well as even South Africa & the service is both stylish and classy; giving you a fancy Italian touch to your dining.
In summery:
Gran Forno Porto is one great choice for whatever type of dining you are in the mood for & you can be sure that this award-winning restaurant is sure to please, reinvigorate or make any occasion most memorable.

In closing:
The Tasty Waves Blog (this blog) posts periodical pieces about the vendors & the history of Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County as well as all parts of South Florida! If you are new to the blog or the food & history tour (Wonder-Munch) associated with it; welcome & thank you for visiting. If you have ever been on a food tour, congratulations! If you have ever been on a history tour, kudos to you as well! However, if you have never been on Wonder-Munch; The Fun-For-All Food & History Tour Experience of Fort Lauderdale; Please check us out just as so many of our satisfied customers have!
Monday-Friday at 2PM!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Noodles Panini; Great Italian cuisine making history!

This week’s entry is a tasty history lesson about one of our featured vendors on: Wonder-Munch!; The Fun-For-all Food & history tour experience of Fort Lauderdale 

  In 1896, in Italy's Puglia region, famous for its abundant grains and vegetables; a son was born to grocer Giuseppe Panini, famous for being the son of Nunzio, creator of the, or sandwich in Italian. This Panini was invented quite by accident when Nunzio laid some grilled eggplant and fresh goat cheese between two slices of foccacia bread he had just pulled from the oven, but that's another story…

Destined for gastronomic greatness by his birthright and in his own right, 6 year-old Giuseppe Jr. left his home in the Mediterranean at the "heel of Italy's boot" in 1902 and crossed the Atlantic with his family to explore America. There, he served the well-heeled citizenry of Boston at his father's grocery store but that's if they happened to be in the market for great pasta as young Giuseppe was never stocking shelves or sorting supplies; Instead he was always making and sampling pasta. Penne to bombolotti to spaghetti, his passion for producing the perfect pasta soon earned him the nickname "Noodles", which would stick with him for the rest of his life. Remembering fondly childhood summers visiting his aunt and uncle in Venice, Noodles retired to the Venice of North America; Fort Lauderdale, Florida and that is where I met him and basked in the warmth and humor of his inspiring stories. 

So it was only natural that when family and I, first around the dinner table and then around the drawing table, designed our sandwich and pasta place, we named it Noodles Panini, in honor of another food-loving family. And in case you've heard that it was the Earl of Sandwich and not Grandpa Nunzio who invented the sandwich, remember that in food, as in life, anything is possible. So stay open to new ideas and fresh tastes...and eat plenty an often at Noodles Panini.
Brent Lahaye
This story that Brent shared is just as awesome as the food that Noodles Panini serves! However, all of our vendors have great food choices & Wonder-Munch is not just about the food it is also about Fort Lauderdale's amazing history!

If you are new to this blog; welcome! 
If you have not been on Wonder-Munch, what are you waiting for?
This tour feeds your brain and belly while we have a few laughs; all at same time!
Speaking of time; this tour happens Monday-Friday 2-4PM!
Visit us:
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

9/6/16-9/13/16; Be cool with Yogurt Ur Way!!

What cooler way to kick off the launch of Wonder-Munch than with something cool & refreshing!!!
More than just yogurt (even though yogurt is tasty on its own merit), Yogurt Ur Way has sorbet & Ice cream as well!

Because nothing says artist like “Las Olas Boulevard”, they will even let you create your own masterpiece with mix & match flavors as well as throwing you favorite toppings on top!    
Why not treat yourself?
You know you deserve it!

Yogurt Ur Way & 3 other tasty food establishments are all a part of Wonder-Munch; The Fun-For-all Food & History tour experience of Fort Lauderdale! 

This tour is history, food & Fun; operating Monday through Friday 2-4pm daily!

 Book your tour today & taste our history! 



Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chilean sea bass w/ Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce: Ocean Prime Beverly Hills 7/14/16

Wonder-Munch Demonstration dish 7/14/16

As stated in prior posts this blog is created with the intent of featuring our associated vendors featured Menu items (Appetizers, entrĂ©es, drink special, etc…).

The general idea is for this blog is to be updated on a weekly basis consecutively & throughout the calendar year with each week featuring a different associated vendor.

To demonstrate this concept, the management at Ocean Prime Beverly Hills is gracious enough to let us use several of their menu items & we thank them for believing in our business model.

This week’s item:
 Chilean sea bass w/ Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce

The food looks appealing here but at this point our goal with this is to show that we fully intend on making our associated vendors shine!

Without being too specific for layout & so as to give our associated vendors flexibility, the associated vendor would provide photos & information content that can be anything the vendor submits such as:

  • dish specifics
  • seasonal specials
  • drink specials 
  • food specials 
  • restaurant logos 
  • etc…

Wonder-Munch will post the associated vendors requested information on The Tasty Waves Blog for at least one week & until it is another associated vendors turn in the rotation.

The benefits of this blog to our associated vendor can be most benificial with Wonder-Munch & our associated vendor’s common vision of success in the marketplace!   

In closing, this demonstration is intended to be very simple so that Wonder-Munch can show vendors the Wonder-Munch recipe for success as well as show vendors this concept without all of the "bells & whistles"

If you would like more information on how Wonder-Munch operates please feel free to contact us (, 954-580-6900) or check out our past posts as they were created with the intent of breaking down the 4th wall of this business model.

Please visit our other blog posted with the support of the Fort lauderdale Historical society:

Thank you for your time, we hope that you share our vision
 look forward to featuring your business on : 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wonder-Munch: The Profitable & Continuous Functioning Business Entity!

In this weeks entry, we have various ways in which Wonder-Munch operates continuously as a functioning business entity.

Some People!!!!

Some people may have stumbled across this blog without knowing about Wonder-Munch or As such, this section is specifically for you.
We still love you!

We do ask however, that you visit the to get the true scope of how truly awesome we think this brand is!

Exactly what is Wonder- Munch?
This Gulf War Veteran owned tour is operated by a well experienced & seasoned local tour guide.
Wonder-Munch is part Fort Lauderdale history tour!
Wonder-Munch is part Food/ Culinary tour!
The style is unique, sometimes Game show, & prizes are even awarded throughout.
Duration: 1.5-2hrs long  
 Price Point: $40

Special note & as a reminder:
*This blog is currently being used in a “behind the scenes style” to demonstrate for the vendor how Wonder-Munch operates and is dedicated to Wonder-Munch marketing & sales fundamentals!
**As mentioned in the prior blog, the traditional use of this blog will be for our associated vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) to showcase specific food/drink items or notable landmark events will be featured here on The Tasty Waves Blog on a weekly basis with no denominational cost to the respective associate vendors.

Below is a simple breakdown as to how Wonder-Munch generates Buzz, Interest, & cash flow to itself as well as its associate vendors.
* Existing relationships with tourism excursion management at many locations such as hotels & other places to which visitors stay that will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!
** Local transportation having a constant & repetitive fresh flow of tourist traffic on rotation throughout the tourism & downtown areas of Fort Lauderdale will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!
*** Speaking engagements by a well seasoned, knowledgeable, & Experienced Wonder-Munch representative happen continuously 52 weeks of the year at local timeshares, hotels, etc…. In return; this method introduces a changing, weekly, & steady flow of new consumers to Wonder-Munch & its associate vendors as the Wonder-Munch representative will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!

Special note:
1)      These three (3) point of sale elements are not hypothetical or in theory & they are all ready to go & have already been tested successfully.
2)      In all, literature pertaining to the tour is marketed & distributed day & night; nonstop!   
3)      Each associate (Restaurant/ Historical landmark) vendors will be given a QR code embedded window decal (the vendor can put this wherever they like). This code then takes potential consumers to, where “The Tasty Waves Blog” (this blog) is displayed. This blog will feature vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) showcased specific food/drink items or notable landmark events & while the bog will be updated weekly, the archive will feature all past postings.
4)      Associate vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) ARE NOT asked to sell the tour.

How will the consumer buy tickets?
 *Almost anyone can book Wonder-Munch on any tablet, smartphone, or pc with an internet connection as well as be booked via non smartphone to 954-580-6900.  
The schedule for Wonder-Munch
Wonder-Munch is scheduled once a day 2-4pm (typically the slowest time of the day for many venues) but can happen twice a day 10am-12pm should be feasible for vendors as well.
*The Four restaurant/ Historical landmarks stops do not need to be the same in the morning tour as in the afternoon tour.

How many people can Wonder-Munch Entertain?
Each Wonder-Munch Tour can take up 15 people & is available to individuals as well as private groups!

Closing thoughts!
In closing, this strategy is fairly simple, successful, & works for the many reasons listed above.

Thank you for your time, we hope that you share our vision & look forward to featuring your business on:   

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The importance of this relationships with a business's respective brand & how cross promotion is most essential for success!

Why this blog is great for our partners respective brands:

We at Wonder-Munch understand that advertisement, marketing & brand awareness are vital keys to success.

This Blog has been specifically created with the intent of promoting as well as bringing to attention the brands & all of their elements that are a part of our tour as well as the brands that continue to conduct business with Wonder-Munch!
This includes all eateries & historical landmarks, as well as any other business entities that are a part of the tour.
This advertisement will be updated weekly, & ideally would feature a piece of interest (i.e. featured restaurant entree, historical landmark special occasion, restaurant/historical landmark heritage, holiday activities, etc…)

The ultimate goal here is to keep the people informed of your great businesses & awesome points of interest as well as bring in to focus the things that make what we do so attractive to our visitors.

 In closing, thank you for your time; we hope that you share our vision & look forward to featuring your business on: