Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gran Forno Pronto; Simply practical, always tasty & is a sure crowed pleaser!!

Gran Forno Pronto; Simply practical, always tasty & is a sure crowed pleaser on Wonder-Munch!; The Fun-For-ALL Food & History Tour-Experience of Fort Lauderdale!  

Are you an Italian food enthusiast or maybe just looking for great food?
   If your answer is yes; you are looking for Gran Forno Pronto with out question!
Below are a few thoughts that one may have when deciding to visit this great little establishment which just happens to be the first stop the unique food & history tour known as Wonder-Munch!

Gran Forno Pronto; relaxing environment; of course!

Whether you are looking for a top class for a restaurant to relax with your family or hang out for a cool breeze in the evening, Gran Forno Pronto is a place that you should consider visiting on Las Olas either with Wonder-Munch or on your own little journey of the Venice of America; Fort Lauderdale.
Gran Forno Pronto: staying power; obviously!
Since 2002, they have been attending to customer taste satisfaction in a variety of ways!
Gran Forno Pronto: The bakery; the sweet spot!

Whether it is their delicious Italian bread such as ciabatta (which is so good that other restaurants have Gran Forno's bakery deliver it on a daily basis for use in the other restaurants respective establishments) or the pastries, which at the sister bakery (1235 East Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale) are made daily with the goal of giving you one heck of a tasty sweet experience that will having you wanting to come back again & again; you can be sure Gran Forno Pronto can easily address any of your dining desires!
Gran Forno Pronto: yummy sandwiches; open wide!

When you are craving for a sandwich, this is the place to find it. They have scrumptious panini sandwiches that are made fresh every morning by their expert chefs. The sandwiches come in different tastes like the Chicken pesto, Prosciutto Di Parma, Mortadella, Caprese & even Grilled baby egg plant. If you are a natural food lover, you can grab and savor the taste & Gran Forno Pronto even has wood baked sandwiches that complete the European dream in your meals; they come as meatballs & sausages with an aromatic touch of pepper.

Gran Forno Pronto: Wine & dine; really!
Gran Forno Pronto wines are hand-picked by expert wine connoisseurs to be sure you are being served the best of Europe, America as well as even South Africa & the service is both stylish and classy; giving you a fancy Italian touch to your dining.
In summery:
Gran Forno Porto is one great choice for whatever type of dining you are in the mood for & you can be sure that this award-winning restaurant is sure to please, reinvigorate or make any occasion most memorable.

In closing:
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