Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wonder-Munch: The Profitable & Continuous Functioning Business Entity!

In this weeks entry, we have various ways in which Wonder-Munch operates continuously as a functioning business entity.

Some People!!!!

Some people may have stumbled across this blog without knowing about Wonder-Munch or As such, this section is specifically for you.
We still love you!

We do ask however, that you visit the to get the true scope of how truly awesome we think this brand is!

Exactly what is Wonder- Munch?
This Gulf War Veteran owned tour is operated by a well experienced & seasoned local tour guide.
Wonder-Munch is part Fort Lauderdale history tour!
Wonder-Munch is part Food/ Culinary tour!
The style is unique, sometimes Game show, & prizes are even awarded throughout.
Duration: 1.5-2hrs long  
 Price Point: $40

Special note & as a reminder:
*This blog is currently being used in a “behind the scenes style” to demonstrate for the vendor how Wonder-Munch operates and is dedicated to Wonder-Munch marketing & sales fundamentals!
**As mentioned in the prior blog, the traditional use of this blog will be for our associated vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) to showcase specific food/drink items or notable landmark events will be featured here on The Tasty Waves Blog on a weekly basis with no denominational cost to the respective associate vendors.

Below is a simple breakdown as to how Wonder-Munch generates Buzz, Interest, & cash flow to itself as well as its associate vendors.
* Existing relationships with tourism excursion management at many locations such as hotels & other places to which visitors stay that will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!
** Local transportation having a constant & repetitive fresh flow of tourist traffic on rotation throughout the tourism & downtown areas of Fort Lauderdale will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!
*** Speaking engagements by a well seasoned, knowledgeable, & Experienced Wonder-Munch representative happen continuously 52 weeks of the year at local timeshares, hotels, etc…. In return; this method introduces a changing, weekly, & steady flow of new consumers to Wonder-Munch & its associate vendors as the Wonder-Munch representative will refer & book consumers to Wonder-Munch!

Special note:
1)      These three (3) point of sale elements are not hypothetical or in theory & they are all ready to go & have already been tested successfully.
2)      In all, literature pertaining to the tour is marketed & distributed day & night; nonstop!   
3)      Each associate (Restaurant/ Historical landmark) vendors will be given a QR code embedded window decal (the vendor can put this wherever they like). This code then takes potential consumers to, where “The Tasty Waves Blog” (this blog) is displayed. This blog will feature vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) showcased specific food/drink items or notable landmark events & while the bog will be updated weekly, the archive will feature all past postings.
4)      Associate vendors (restaurants/historical landmarks) ARE NOT asked to sell the tour.

How will the consumer buy tickets?
 *Almost anyone can book Wonder-Munch on any tablet, smartphone, or pc with an internet connection as well as be booked via non smartphone to 954-580-6900.  
The schedule for Wonder-Munch
Wonder-Munch is scheduled once a day 2-4pm (typically the slowest time of the day for many venues) but can happen twice a day 10am-12pm should be feasible for vendors as well.
*The Four restaurant/ Historical landmarks stops do not need to be the same in the morning tour as in the afternoon tour.

How many people can Wonder-Munch Entertain?
Each Wonder-Munch Tour can take up 15 people & is available to individuals as well as private groups!

Closing thoughts!
In closing, this strategy is fairly simple, successful, & works for the many reasons listed above.

Thank you for your time, we hope that you share our vision & look forward to featuring your business on:   

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